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What are Money Blocks? (and which ones do you have...?)

Brain in a box of money - money blocks holding you back from manifesting money
Money Blocks - is your mind trapped when it comes to money?

Have you been hearing about Money Blocks on social media and wondering what the heck they are? Asking yourself;

“How can there be an actual block between me and the money I want to manifest?”

Women with money blocks stopping her from manifesting money

Ask yourself this question:

Q. What is my biggest money block?

Woman asking herself - what is my biggest money block?

What did you answer?

Maybe you can’t answer the question because you don’t even know what a money block is, let alone what your biggest one could be!

If that’s you, try answering these questions instead:

  • Have you ever wanted to make more money in your job or business, but struggled?

  • Have you noticed yourself repeating the same bad money habits and not knowing why?

  • Do you ever feel uneasy talking about money or checking your bank account?

  • Do you feel like money is hard to make or doesn’t grow on trees?

If you answered yes to any of these then you have Money Blocks!

(don’t worry though, just knowing that is the first step to removing them!)

So what are money blocks?

Put simply, a money block is a thought pattern that you hold that creates negative thoughts and feelings about money for you.

It is a neural pathway that has been reinforced over time, often with an added dose of unpleasant emotions like fear, shame, guilt and self-doubt.

Money blocks can come in all shapes and sizes and are often the result of things you’ve been taught about money, experienced indirectly during your upbringing or experienced directly in your adult life.

The problem is, if you don’t remove them, they can seriously hold you back from having the money you want in your bank account:

Money blocks stop you from having a healthy relationship with money.

They stop you manifesting clients, sales, your dream job, a promotion…

Ultimately they can stop you from achieving your financial goals and dreams.

And NOBODY wants that!

Here are some common Money Blocks - how many of them do you think you have?

  • It’s greedy and selfish to want more money

  • Money is the root of all evil

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • I can be rich or happy, not both

  • I don’t deserve more money

  • I’m not good with money

  • Rich people are rude, cold, arrogant

  • You have to sacrifice things to make money

  • Making money is hard

  • I’ll never be rich

  • No one in my family has ever had money

  • I’m scared I won’t make enough money

How many of these money blocks do you have?

If you identified even just one of these money blocks it could be stopping you from manifesting more money into your life.

So now you know what money blocks are - how do you overcome these limiting beliefs about money?

Brain doing dumbbell exercises to overcome limiting beliefs about money and money blocks

As a Money Mindset Coach this is something I work with every day so let me help you.

If a money block is just a repeated thought that has been wired together over time and reinforced, we can use something called neuroplasticity to change it.

We now know that neural connections that are not used in the brain get “pruned” which means over time we can overcome our limiting beliefs about money and replace them with a positive money mindset.

Here’s 3 ways you can do this:

1. Start to feed your mind with new ideas about money - listen to podcasts that promote healthy money mindset ideas, read Money Mindset books about how people have overcome money struggles, grown businesses, got out of debt and more.

2. Create a list of new money truths that are the opposite of the money blocks you once had - write down all the money blocks you know you have and then flip them! Write the opposite of each of them and read these each day to reinforce these new ways of thinking about money.

3. Get support from a money mindset coach to change your limiting beliefs on a deeper level - sometimes we need someone else to help us uncover and reframe our money blocks. The BWRT coaching that I offer is a great way to do this! You can find out more about how BWRT rapidly changes limiting beliefs where they originate here.

Want more help?

Copy of the science of getting rich book by Victoria Maskell - how to overcome your Money Blocks and Manifest Money

  • You can also grab yourself a copy of my Money Mindset Book here - which helps you uncover your Money Blocks and gives you a step by step process to overcome these limiting beliefs about money and manifest more of it!

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