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Who are you?

Take the test to find out!

Warrior, Settler or Nomad?

Successful therapy is about tailoring the sessions to your individual needs. No two people are the same and no two treatments should be the same.

Finding out more about our own personalities can be a useful and revealing process - and often FUN!

The test below is used with the kind permission of Terence Watts, one of the UK's leading hypnotherapists and psychotherapists. For more information on Terence and his work go to

To reveal if you are more of a Warrior, a Settler or a Nomad simply note your initial response to the questions below and scroll down.

Question 1 - You are wanting to make a significant purchase e.g. a new sofa, you are most likely to:

A - Go with your gut instinct and make a quick decision

B - Look at all the options and ask other people what they think

C - Know what you want, research it and get it

Question 2 - You have to go to an event where you don't know anyone, how do you react?

A - Relish the excitement and the chance to play to a new audience

B - Be a bit apprehensive but try really hard to chat to people anyway

C - Talk to people but not give too much away about yourself

Question 3 - You have a minor disagreement at work or home, how do you react?

A - Use your personality and charm to state your point of view

B - Try and see both sides and come to a compromise

C - Be very firm and stick to your guns

Question 4 - How are other people most likely to describe you?

A - Unique, individual, not afraid to stand out from the crowd

B - A positive person, easy to be around, chatty

C - Determined, driven and positive

Question 5 - What would you say is one of your negative traits?

A - Image conscious

B - Conforming

C - Blunt speaking

Now - add up how many As, Bs and Cs you scored and scroll down to reveal your personality type!

Scroll down

Who are you?

Mainly As - NOMAD

If your predominant personality type is a Nomad you are enthusiastic, individual and optimistic. You laugh easily and are often animated, using large and open gestures when you speak. You can be described as inspiring and fun-loving. At times you can be childish and boastful with a tendency to be highly image conscious.

Mainly Bs - SETTLER

If your predominant personality type is a Settler you are a caring, helpful and pleasant person. You are described as easy to be around, using responsive body movements and frequent smiles when you interact with others. You are an adaptable person but at times you can be indecisive and prone to mood swings.

Mainly Cs - WARRIOR

If your predominant personality type is a Warrior you are assertive, highly practical and self-sufficient. You can be described as a quick-thinker in difficult situations and can keep straight faced in social situations. You can also have a tendency to be suspicious and find it hard to admit your mistakes.

Interested in finding out more? Go to and see more of the work from Terence Watts.

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