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"Victoria is the real deal when it comes to Money Mindset"

Kaylie Simmone

Branding and Visibility Coach

"Being coached by Victoria was like a breath of fresh air!! Having worked with many coaches over my time as a Coach myself, I find Victoria’s style totally refreshing! Her energy from the beginning of our first session and the safe space that she created for me to be vulnerable and honest was exactly what I needed.


Victoria has a unique vibe about her that always makes you feel positive; she really is like a fairy godmother. After every session with Victoria I feel re-inspired. She breaks down whatever your dealing with in a way that allows you to see what’s really holding you back so that you can move forward. 


Having had the pleasure of working with Victoria for a while now, I would have no hesitations recommending her to other coaches. I’ve seen how much she gives to her clients and how she continues to study her talent so that she can always provide the very best transformations for her clients." 

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"Working with Victoria has been beyond beneficial"

Riza Tantay

Career Coach and Mentor

"Victoria's authenticity allows you to be transparent with your struggles. I came to her with a problem of not knowing how to package my premium programs. Victoria was able to ask questions that allowed me to see that I had the package all along from past clients. She allowed me to feel more confident in the work I was doing.

Victoria is like your kind neighbor next door; you always want to stop by for a visit and you always gain clarity, confidence, and  feel empowered to do more in your life!


I always get so much out of my calls with Victoria. Definitely book a call with her, you won't regret it! Thanks so much Victoria for coaching me through my own clouds!"

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“Victoria is an amazing Mindset Coach!”

Adrianna M. Gabriel

Career Coach

"Victoria is an amazing Mindset Coach!  When I met with her, I was in the planning stage of my career coaching business. I came to the table with so many personal objections and unsure that mindset coaching was right for me, but her bubbly personality and shining smile put my mind at ease.  


We talked about all the roadblocks that I had and she was able to ask the right questions to help me identify creative solutions and get past what was really in just my head.


She helped me recognize and counteract my struggles with Imposter Syndrome and procrastination. She even worked my crazy schedule to give me that inspiration and gentle kick in the butt I needed to move forward!


I didn’t realize how much I needed my time with her. I felt like my ideas were great but was so afraid to share them. Sometimes you need reinforcement from someone who is caring and understanding, yet firm and can hold you accountable.  Victoria was able to be that for me.


If you are looking for a coach who can help you get out of your own way so that you can level up, Victoria is no doubt, the right woman for the job!"

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"If you want results - fast, I would certainly recommend Victoria"

Beverley Spencer 

Employee Engagement &

 Personal Relationship Specialist

"I invested in Victoria as my coach because I simply wasn't making as much money as I wanted.  In addition to this, I wasn't attracting the clients that I wanted either! However working with Victoria, I was able to change my perspective and mindset about my ability to generate revenue! Changing my beliefs around this subject, positively resulted in my business in no time at all, generating more profits, with the right clients, and opportunities presenting themselves.     


If you want results - fast, and you are ready to up-grade your thinking and beliefs, I would certainly recommend Victoria.  I would without hesitation invest in coaching with her again in the future."


"Victoria is an absolutely fantastic human being"

Anja Moncrieff

Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing Coach

“Victoria is an absolutely fantastic coach and human being! She is kind, generous with her time, thoughtful, a great listener and cares deeply about people and their well being.

I connected with her straight away as she has a great way of making you feel comfortable and able to open up your worries and anxieties without feeling silly or judged.

She dedicates her life to helping people and their lives are better because of her existence in this world! I would highly recommend her!”

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