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My approach to therapy

My Approach


New combinations of therapy to suit all different concerns

Offering the best type of therapy to suit your individual needs


Using the latest scientific knowledge to guide therapy and get the best possible outcomes


A kind and caring approach, making you feel comfortable and at ease



"Victoria was warm and friendly from the moment I met her. She explained everything about how hypnotherapy could help me with my anxiety and I was really excited to start the process. I felt Victoria really listened to my concerns and helped me work through them. Hypnosis was a really relaxing process - I would recommend it to anyone!" 


Types of Therapy and Price Guidelines
BWRT®  - from £99 per session
BWRT® is a rapid solutions therapy that is unlike anything else in the world of therapy. It can dissolve common fears and phobias in as little as one session giving you virtually instant relief from fears of flying, spiders, heights and more. BWRT® is also highly effective at treating a wide range of problems such as grief, anxiety, low-self confidence, weight loss, stopping smoking etc. Not only this but this form of therapy can help you to stop procrastinating and remove limiting beliefs that are preventing you from success. If you have career or personal goals that you want to achieve then BWRT® is also for you!
Clinical Hypnotherapy - from £99 per session
Another name for this is "suggestion therapy"and this can be used for many straightforward problems or habits that you might want to change. Examples might be: Weight Loss, Fear of Flying, Nail Biting, some Phobias, Confidence, Public Speaking and Improved Sports Performance. This usually requires only one to three sessions and I can provide you with a recording of your session to listen in your own time.
Analytical Hypnotherapy - from £99 per session
Another name for this is "Hypnoanalysis" and this is used to give complete and permanent resolution to more complex or emotional problems. It is useful for anxiety based issues that causes unwanted behaviours, symptoms, habits or other concerns. This usually requires an average of six to twelve sessions in order to completely eliminate the problem. 
Personal and Business Coaching -  from £99 for a 60 minute intensive
The aim of coaching is to support and encourage people to help them fulfill their potential and make the most of their lives. This can be on an individual level or in groups. I can tailor sessions to meet individual needs or look at solutions to benefit business. Contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.
Coaching helps you to:
Make changes in your life and set new goals for change
Break down goals into small, manageable steps
Talk about your situation in a neutral and confidential setting
Look at ways of overcoming barriers and setbacks in life
Feel supported and motivated during times of change
Whether you want to change your career, manage stress at work, or deal with emotional problems, Victoria can help you.

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