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Do you need to overcome these limiting beliefs about money?

Have you ever thought to yourself - why can’t I break my negative habits around money?!

Maybe you’re feeling stuck with money right now. You’ve been trying to make more sales, get a promotion or just have more money left at the end of each month… but nothing is changing.

Maybe you know you spend too much despite trying to be “good” with money and build up your savings.

How good would it feel to finally understand how your limiting money beliefs are keeping you stuck AND how to overcome them??

Read on to do just that.

Research shows that money is a significant source of stress for most people and is the primary reason for conflict and divorce in relationships (Oggins, 2003). Not only that, but social learning theory shows us that money beliefs and skills learnt in childhood carry forward into our adult lives.

(It’s no wonder then that my incessant love for playing “shops” as a child has continued into adulthood where I find myself pulled in by every discount and offer in my favourite stores! And why one of my coaching specialism is Money Mindset.)

So could you have some of these common limiting beliefs about money?

Could they be stopping you from having a larger income, making more money, manifesting money overnight and more?

Here are some common limiting beliefs about money:

It’s greedy and selfish to want more money

I don’t know about you, but this one reminds me of the scene from Oliver when he’s saying “Please sir, I want some more sir” and gets a serious telling off from the master.

It is programmed into our subconscious minds that asking for more is bad.

We are greedy and selfish to want more money because other people in the world don’t have as much as we do.

But what if you having more allowed you to help more?

What if you have more money allowed you to help charities or have more time to spend in your community supporting other people?

You can read all about this limiting belief and how to shift it in my book - The Science of Getting Rich - THE Fast Track version for the 21st Century here , available in paperback and audiobook

I’m not good with money

Isn’t it funny how we’re not taught at school what to do with money?!

We are taught Algebra and Geometry and how to rotate a 3d shape… but not how to use a credit card, balance a cheque book (which is now very old skool!), create a household budget or invest money.

No wonder so many people describe themselves as not good with money.

I don’t deserve to have a lot of money

Worthiness and money seem to go hand in hand.

We seem to have decided that self-worth dictates how much money we can have.

I see this limiting belief a lot with women and especially female business owners who have a service to offer. They discount their prices, fear raising their prices and often give things away for free because of this incorrect and limiting belief lurking in their subconscious mind. Can you relate?

I can either do what I love or have money

Where are all my creative people? Are you the kind of person who was amazing at art or pottery or maybe music or drama… and you were quickly told as a child that these things don’t make any money?

Maybe being told to “get a real job” or you’d have to be a “starving artist”? This creates a limiting belief about money that often leads to people being in unfilled careers and wishing they were able to do what they truly love.

Money is the root of all evil

Wow. If you associate something with “evil” then no wonder you don’t want to have it in your life!

If your subconscious mind has been taught that money is evil, then it will make sure that you self-sabotage around money as a way of protecting yourself. Think over-spending, giving more money away than you’d actually like, not going for promotions, underselling yourself etc.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

The classic feeling that there isn’t enough money to go around. We grow up thinking and feeling that money is a limited resource that we have to hold onto tightly for fear of not having enough to be safe.

I think originally this belief was there to help us value money and look after it, but for most people it creates a lack of money in their life.

How many of these limiting beliefs around money do you resonate with?

Ok, so now you know some of the common negative thoughts around money… What can you do about them?

I know that when I started my business back in 2018 I had some serious work to do when it came to my money mindset!

Here are some of the tools and techniques that I found really worked for me (and the ones I now teach to my clients and members of The Manifestation Room! You can join the waitlist here)

3 steps to overcome limiting beliefs about money:

Step one - reframe these limiting beliefs into more positive ones

Money doesn’t grow on trees could become - “I live in an abundant world where there is more than enough money to go round”

Money is the root of all evil could become - “Money allows me to live more life and do good things in the world”

I’m not good with money could become - “Everyday I am learning to get better at managing my money or I am an excellent money manager”

Simple reframes like this have a powerful impact at helping you overcome your limiting beliefs around money.

Step two - challenge old stories and beliefs

Most of the limiting beliefs you have around money will have come about during childhood. They could have been things that your parents or caregivers learnt, or things that were true then, but aren’t true now.

You get to choose a new story with money and choose beliefs that fit with the abundance you want to have in your life.

Ask yourself: Where can I find evidence that these old beliefs and stories around money aren’t true for me now?

Step three - fill your mind with positive example of money

Find people, entrepreneurs, mum’s, neighbours, celebrities who are doing good things with money or have made money in a way that would feel good to you.

Seeing these examples activates your mirror neurons and helps to start to rewire your own thinking about money.

Youtube is a great place to start or a simple google search

As a Psychotherapist and Mindset coach I help people overcome limiting beliefs every day (and have overcome a fair few around money myself!) and one the fastest techniques I use has to be BWRT (go here to find out more about this incredible technique) it works by getting to the root of the limiting belief in your Reptilian complex and allowing you to re-wire this belief into one that you choose.

If you’d like to know more about how this technique could help you to overcome your limiting beliefs around money then use the contact form below or email: for more information


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