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The 10 Best Neville Goddard Techniques for Manifestation

How to manifest your dream life using Neville Goddard Techniques for Manifestation

How would it feel to be able to create your dream life? To actually have all the things on your vision board come to life? To live in your dream house, drive your dream car and manifest love, money and abundance quickly and easily?

According to Neville Goddard you can do just that if you know these easy manifestation techniques.

Who was Neville Goddard?

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Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard was considered one of the best new thought writers of the 20th Century, writing books such as ‘Feeling is the secret’, ‘Your faith is your fortune’ and ‘At your command’. He was known for teaching humanity the pathway to spiritual awakening and true salvation.

Neville Goddard’s techniques are some of the most popular among the manifestation community and the latest research into neuroscience reveals the potential scientific power of these methods.

So if you’ve ever wondered what to say to manifest money, or how to use the ladder technique or the law of assumption read on.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation and manifesting have gained popularity over recent years, at least in part due to the popularity of the Netflix film “The Secret” based on the book by Rhonda Byrne. Put simply, manifesting could be seen as achieving your goals, or setting an intention and then taking actions to make that a reality.

Manifestation can be seen as a spiritual practice, but there is also science to support the process - check out my book “The Science of Getting Rich - THE fast track version for the 21st Century” for more info on the science of manifesting.

Why do I need to use Neville Goddard Techniques?

Manifestation isn’t about just writing an intention, crossing your fingers and then it miraculously turning up on your doorstep (sadly!) so the more methods and techniques you have for manifesting the better.

Neville Goddard created a series of easy to follow techniques and methods to help you manifest. They work in various ways by changing your mindset, using your imagination and helping you to take inspired actions.

His work has helped thousands of people and many swear that his techniques have been the key to their success.

So if nothing else - they are worth a try!

10 of The Best Neville Goddard Techniques for Manifesting

The first thing you need to do, before using any of the Neville Goddard techniques below, is to actually decide WHAT you want to manifest.

Do you want to manifest your dream job? Your specific person? An extra £5,000 in your bank account this month?

First get clear on what it is you want to manifest, then try using these Neville Goddard techniques to help you manifest your dream life!

Need more specific help understanding what you want to manifest and how to make it a reality?

As a Manifestation and Mindset coach I help people just like you do this. I offer 1:1 sessions - simply drop me a message to and ask for more details.

Neville Goddard Technique 1 - Revision

This technique involves reframing negative events in the past, imagining them and visualising them how you wanted them to go or pause the event and release/let it go. E.g. someone insulting you can become someone complimenting you - or can become a memory where the sounds fades so it becomes insignificant.

Neville Goddard Technique 2 - I remember when...

I remember when... here you are imagining from your wish fulfilled e.g. I remember our first day in this dream house, I remember the birth of our daughter, I remember the day the lottery win dropped into my bank account etc. Start visualising what you want to manifest from when it occurred, as if you are recalling a past memory.

Neville Goddard Technique 3 - Congratulations

Congratulations - imagine you have manifested what you want! Visualise a friend or family member congratulating you, hugging you etc. Notice all the positive emotions that brings up for you.

Neville Goddard Technique 4 - Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping - imagine you are overhearing your friends and family talking about how great you are and what you have manifested and how happy they are for you etc. Visualise this in detail.

Neville Goddard Technique 5 - I am mantra

I am mantra - as you fall asleep repeat your I am statements based on what you want to manifest e.g. I am confident, I am wealthy etc.

Neville Goddard Technique 6 - SATS

SATS stands for “state akin to sleep” which we might now called the Alpha state. This is a term to describe our brain waves just as we wake up and just before we fall asleep. Neville says to use the alpha state first thing in the morning and last thing at night to visualise what you want to manifest.

Neville Goddard Technique 7 - How Did I?

To use this technique you are imagining what you want to manifest from the end and asking yourself - how did I?.. How did I get so rich? How did I get so many clients? How did I sell so many copies of my book?

Neville Goddard Technique 8 - Catch the mood

Manifestation is based on your vibration or your mood. The Law of Attraction states that like attract likes. In this technique Neville Goddard says to focus on your mood, as it affects what you manifest. Focus on being in the mood of the person who has manifested your goal.

Neville Goddard Technique 9 - Teleporting

This simple manifestation technique is to imagine yourself where you want to be now e.g. on a beach holiday etc. Think of what you want to manifest, where that will take place and visualise yourself teleporting to that place now.

Neville Goddard Technique 10 - Construct and Event

For this you need to think of the thing you want to manifest e.g. winning the lottery - then think of an event after it and focus on that e.g. going to the bank to talk about savings and investments. Having a party to celebrate etc. Focusing on the after events of your manifestation coming true allows you to imagine that is has already happened.

Which of these methods is your favourite?

Come and let me know on my Instagram page and get more information on things like Money blocks, how to manifest and the science of Manifestation.

Victoria x

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