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Lions, Tigers and Bears - OH MY!

Have you ever felt anxiety, panic and fear just seeming to creep up on you? Leaving you with a racing heart, sweaty palms and with no control over your body?

Well you can blame your ancestors!

The Reptilian part of your brain is the cause of you feeling nervous in crowds, driving on busy roads or giving a presentation at work. But you can’t be too annoyed with it, it’s only trying to keep you safe! This part of your brain has one job and one job only – to protect you from threats to your survival. Venturing out of your cave at night meant you could be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger - so your Reptilian brain kept you inside. Eating strange berries could be poisonous, so your brain helped you to stick to foods that were familiar. Seems sensible, right?

In modern society most of us aren’t threatened by tigers and poisonous berries on a daily basis. But this protective part of our brains is still in charge and causes many of us to suffer from fears and phobias as wide-ranging as fear of flying to fear of speaking in public.

“Just pull yourself together!”

How many anxiety sufferers have heard this “helpful” advice from a friend or family member? The trouble is most of the time we’re not consciously making the decision to feel anxious. In fact, the decision is made in our brains BEFORE we are consciously aware of it! Before we know it, we have a racing heart, sweaty palms and our stomachs are churning. It’s not as if anyone would CHOOSE to feel like this, is it!

As a Psychotherapist I treat many clients with these exact problems. They are suffering from anxiety and fears that are stopping them from living healthy and fulfilled lives. They want to go on exotic holidays, but the idea of getting on a plane fills them with so much fear and anxiety, they can’t even book the trip! Or their social anxiety means they constantly cancel plans with friends and family or never go for the jobs they really want. The idea of having an interview or giving a presentation to people they don’t know fills them with total dread. Consciously, they want to get better. But it feels like their mind takes over and causes these feelings automatically, in the same way that you instantly brake when driving if the car in front stops abruptly! No need to consciously think, your body just reacts to protect you. These responses are caused by your Reptilian brain trying to keep you safe.

Luckily, there is now a rapid and transformational solution that is unlike any other type of therapy out there! Gone are the days of months and even years of therapy unearthing deep-rooted traumas and divulging painful memories. BWRT® has revolutionised the world of therapy and can treat many mind-related conditions in as little as one session! Anything from anxiety, phobias, OCD, mild depression, stopping smoking, procrastination, low self-worth, goal achievement, motivation, sporting performance, exam confidence, trauma to grief and many more.

I’ve had clients transformed from total fear and panic to laughing at the idea of that situation causing them any anxiety whatsoever in as little as 60 minutes!

BWRT works by replacing outdated responses with your preferred way of thinking and feeling. It makes permanent changes to your neural networks, allowing people to transform their lives for the better and be free of anxiety.

If you would like to talk to Victoria about how BWRT® could help you then book your free initial consultation using the contact feature below.

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