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Why BWRT is a bit like Brexit

I don't know about you, but Brexit is a word I hear a lot at the moment... but I still don't really understand what is means for me or how it might benefit the country. Can you relate?

It got me thinking that actually, Brexit is a bit like BWRT... something that lots of people are talking about but...but most people don't really know what it means! :)

I had a BWRT client the other day raving about how much our sessions had helped him overcome his low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. But when his friends asked what this amazing technique was... he said "Something to do with brain DIY" which made me laugh!

Unlike Brexit I can tell you all about how incredible BWRT is as a technique and how it can have a profound positive impact on your life in as little as 60 minutes! In fact, judging by Teresa May's stress levels right now I think she should be booking herself in for a session (for the benefit of the country!)

BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy - and in as little as one session it can help you to overcome anxieties and worries that have been plaguing your life. It is such a wide ranging technique that solving the Brexit debate is almost the only thing it can't do!

BWRT is unlike traditional therapies (think of the old days of sitting on a therapists coach and having to divulge everything from potty training to your first heartbreak).

BWRT is often content free - as a practitioner I just have to know the rough area we are working on. The focus is on how you want to feel INSTEAD.

Maybe you have been plagued with a fear of driving for years and you just want to be able to grab your keys and go to the supermarket without breaking into a cold sweat.

Maybe you feel like you've lost your mojo, your ZEST for life and want to bounce back and grab life by the horns again.

Maybe you are sick of anxieties dictating who you talk to, what job you have and how you run your life and you want to be free.


BREXIT aside, BWRT can have a profoundly positive impact on all aspects of your life.

But how does it work?

To steal the concept from L'Oreal... here's the science bit!

BWRT works by making changes to your neural pathways - the brain connections that determine how we think and act. The more we think a certain way the more these connections get strengthened. It also works on a subconscious level, the part of the brain that makes the real decisions (is this Teresa May in the Brexit analogy? I think the jury is out on this one!)

BWRT - Working with Neural connections

The reason why anxiety can be so hard to kick on your own is because you are working on a conscious level, but the problem starts at a SUBCONSCIOUS one. By the time we notice we are nervous, sweating, trying to get out of a situation it is all too late and the response has been initiated. (Just like Brexit... too late to back out now!)

I have seen such incredible results in my clients in as little as one session. One lady had been plagued with anxiety for nearly 50 years and after just ONE session was able to say that she no longer cared! The anxiety and worry had been dissolved!

Freedom from worry and anxiety is a reality with BWRT. If you know someone who needs to hear about this then please share this article with them. (If anyone knows Teresa then do ask her to get in touch :) I can't help with Politics or a Brexit deal but I can help with anxiety and stress!)

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